Nicolas Buforn received a B.A. in Industrial Design at UBA in Argentina (2005). During four years he built expertise in the product design industry at Legaria D&E, one of the most renowned product design studios in Argentina. Following his studies in United Kingdom, he received a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree at Buckinghamshire New University, partner of the National School of Furniture.

Since 2010, Nicolas has followed a coherent and dynamic strategy stretching from product to furniture. He had the opportunity to work for several and distinguished furniture design companies, including Doig Design, Hands of Wycombe, Zioxi. In 2013, he joined Gabbertas Studio in London were he had the opportunity to work for a multiple award-winning designer.

Today, Nicolas started his own design practice in the USA, founding his own firm. His simple yet sophisticated design work, expresses the essence of furniture in a minimalist manner, demonstrating a pragmatic approach for design solutions. Each design attributes its originality to its function, appropriate material and production process, resulting in a well-balanced and timeless creation.